How do people with different constitutions drink water

Water is the source of life and vital to the body's metabolism. The human body needs about 1000~2000 milliliters of water a day. They say you need eight glasses of water a day, but is drinking more water good for everyone? In fact, everyone's demand for water and metabolic capacity is not the same, the right amount is the best. People have different constitutions, so how should people with different constitutions drink water?


Physical fitness and water intake

People with “qi” deficiency and Yang deficiency should not drink too much water, especially cold water. When water enters the body, it needs the transport of “qi” . People with “qi” deficiency lack “qi” and people with Yang deficiency have weak Yang “qi” . Water in these two types of people is not easy to be transported.

Phlegm and damp heat, also should not drink too much water, because drinking more water may increase the moisture in the body.

Yin deficiency, insufficient body fluid, suitable for drinking more water. Blood stasis, poor blood circulation, this kind of people should be appropriate to drink more water, and the best drink warm water, can increase the body's moisture, help blood circulation.

Body constitution and drinking water temperature

Calm quality healthy body, Yin and Yang calm, drinking water no special taboo, but to keep healthy, also should not drink too much cold water, the best warm water mainly.

Yin deficiency and damp heat people often afraid of heat, dry mouth and other symptoms, this kind of people can drink some plain water.

Yang deficiency, Yang “qi” deficiency in the body. Yang deficiency gives rise to internal cold. Such people are afraid of cold, have cold hands and feet, and need to drink hot water to warm their internal organs. This kind of person should not drink water, also should not eat raw cold fruits.

“Qi”  stagnation and special nature of the people are special, the former “qi”  and blood operation is not smooth, the latter has allergic constitution, both should not be cold, so drink water should be warm, but not too much.

Generally speaking, people who are strong, metabolically active and are afraid of heat and sweating can drink more water appropriately. And the weak body, afraid of cold, generation of poor people should not drink too much water.

The metabolism of children is strong, but the spleen and stomach are weak; Old people metabolize ability decline, water is easy to lose. These two groups of people should be a small amount of frequent drinking, drinking not excessive.

Post time: Jun-28-2022