8LIECHK-2-SC-B-5L-Bottom Loading- Water Dispenser

Short Description:

1. Black powder coated finish steel side panels.

2. 5 LED indicators for ECO, NORMAL,FAST, cold ,empty bottle.

3. NEW patented hot technology keeps the water at an exact 90℃ with no fluctuations.

4. Steaming hot water reliably. Our unique system keeps the water in the steaming range at all

times. Others are often too cool to make tea properly.

5. Scale resistant hot tank. Most hot tanks make scale due to intense heating bands. This
reduces heating efficiency, and makes white scale in the water. Our system gently heats, preventing scale buildup and white flakes.

6. Run dry, triple safety hot system can be run dry and not start to smoke/burn, unlike others.
There are three safeties, a thermal fuse, so there is no risk of fire.

7. Ice chill cooling delivers uniformly cold temperatures. Commercial output. Many people
complain that the units made by others are not cold enough.

8. Angled water siphon removes maximum amounts of water from the bottle.

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1.Stainless steel front insert panel, bottom load, Hot , ambient and cold water. LED indicator for ECO, Normal, Fast heating, Cold, Self Clean, Empty Bottle
2. Ice cold water output 4L per hour
3. Steaming hot water output 6L per hour on fast setting
4.True toddler safety hot water lock and power saving hot water power switch
5. Sanitary recessed water dispensing nozzles
•Product Size: 32 x 36x 103 cm
•40' Container Loading Qty : 396
•Net weight: 15.8kg Gross weight: 18.3kg


The ozone self-cleaning function of the product has two major advantages,One is a wide range of sterilization, diffusion without dead Angle, and will not cause secondary pollution,The other is that ozone can efficiently kill bacteria, remove peculiar smell, fresh air effect.

In the structure of the use is the integration of ozone structure,Integration of driving circuit, ozone tube, air pump, compact structure design, safe and reasonable, simple and convenient to use.

Stable and reliable in performance, with low noise, low electromagnetic interference,high ozone efficiency, stable output, small ozone attenuation, low temperature rise, long life and other preponderance.

Since its establishment, we has been striving for technological innovation,Making full use of the technical advantages accumulated in the industry,And developed the exclusive innovative technology - ice ring technology.

Specifically, it refers to the unique technology of making ice in the cold tank,so as to ensure the temperature of the cold water to be cold enough from the source,And then form a ring of ice around the stainless steel evaporator, as shown in the figure.


In the meantime, the cold water can keep the temperature constant for a long time, around 4 or 5 degrees.


Compressor, a driven fluid machine that elevates low pressure gas into high pressure gas, is the heart of the refrigeration system. It inhales low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, drives the piston to compress it through the motor operation, and discharges high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe to provide power for the refrigeration cycle, so as to achieve the refrigeration cycle of compression condensation (heat release)→ expansion → evaporation (heat absorption).


Cold water constant temperature technology, means that cold water can keep constant temperature for a long time, under standby state by program setting. Factory setting 4℃, ice water temperature can reach 3 ℃.

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