8LDIECH-SC-SSF Bottom Loading Water Dispense With Display

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  • 8LDIECH-SC-SSF: Stainless steel bottom load water dispenser Hot and cold water Stainless steel front panel Self clean Big Display Constantly cold water Constantly hot water True toddler safety hot water lock LED night light
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    •Model: 8LDIECH-SC-SSF
    •Peak's Water Brand Or OEM
    •Product Size: 32 x 38 x 102.9 cm /12.6 x 14.96 x 40.51 inch
    •MOQ: 1x20GP ( 192 UNITS)
    •FOB port: Ningbo
    •Net weight: 17.0 kg/ 37.48lbs
    •Gross weight(kg): 19.3kg/42.55lbs
    •Production Lead-time: 60 days after artworks approval
    •Packing method: Brown Boxes Or Color boxes
    •Stainless steel bottom load water dispenser
    •Hot and cold water

    •Stainless steel front panel
    •Self clean
    •Big Display
    •X-Cold feature provides ice cold water 5L/ 1.32G per hour
    •X-hot feature provides hot water, 5L/1.32G per hour
    •Constantly cold water 5℃ / 41 °F
    •Constantly hot water 90℃/198 °F
    •True toddler safety hot water lock
    •Recessed faucet
    •LED night light
    •Energy star


    The ozone self-cleaning function of the product has two major advantages, One is a wide range of sterilization, diffusion without dead Angle, and will not cause secondary pollution, The other is that ozone can efficiently kill bacteria, remove peculiar smell, fresh air effect.
    In the structure of the use is the integration of ozone structure, Integration of driving circuit, ozone tube, air pump, compact structure design, safe and reasonable, simple and convenient to use.

    Stable and reliable in performance, with low noise, low electromagnetic interference, high ozone efficiency, stable output, small ozone attenuation, low temperature rise, long life and other preponderance.

    Compressor, a driven fluid machine that elevates low pressure gas into high pressure gas, is the heart of the refrigeration system. It inhales low temperature and low pressure refrigerant gas from the suction pipe, drives the piston to compress it through the motor operation, and discharges high temperature and high pressure refrigerant gas to the exhaust pipe to provide power for the refrigeration cycle, so as to achieve the refrigeration cycle of compression condensation (heat release)→ expansion → evaporation (heat absorption).


    The hot water constant temperature technology, means that the hot water can keep constant temperature for a long time. under standby state by program setting. Factory setting 90 ℃, hot water temperature can reach 94 ℃.

    Hot Water Tank
    Hot water tank with the bottom brazed external heater is good for use with mineral water. Fast acting
    High Limit Switch allows Dry Plug In without any ill effects. High temperature fuse is used for an additional protection. Low watt density heater is gentle on minerals. Do not create hard crust inside of hot tank. Easy to de-scale using white vinegar.


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