Bottom Loading Water Purifier 8HIECH-SC-SSF-5L-UFPOU

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  • 8HIECH-SC-SSF-5L-UFPOU: Stainless steel POU filter water dispenser Stainless steel front panel Hot and cold water 5 LED Indicator to show bottom empty, heating, cooling, self clean Swivel Head, 1/4 turn cartridges 4 stage filter with PP cotton, pro-carbon, UF filter, post-carbon Constantly cold water 5℃ / 41 °F Constantly hot water 90℃/198 °F
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    •Model: 8HIECH-SC-SSF-5L-UFPOU
    •Peak's Water Brand Or OEM
    •Product Size: 32 x 38 x 102.9 cm /12.6 x 14.96 x 40.51 inch
    •MOQ:1x20GP (192 UNITS)
    •FOB port: Ningbo
    •Net weight: 21.0kg/46.3lbs
    •Gross weight(kg): 23.3kg/51.37lbs
    •Production Lead-time: 60 days after artworks approval
    •Packing method: Brown boxes Or Color Boxes

    1.Stainless steel POU filter water dispenser
    2.Stainless steel front panel
    3.Hot and cold water
    4 5 LED Indicator to show bottom empty, heating, cooling, self clean
    6.Swivel Head, 1/4 turn cartridges
    7.4 stage filter with PP cotton, pro-carbon, UF filter, post-carbon

    8.X-Cold feature provides ice cold water 5L/ 1.32G per hour
    9.X-hot feature provides hot water, 5L/1.32G per hour
    10.Constantly cold water 5℃ / 41 °F
    11.Constantly hot water 90℃/198 °F
    12.True toddler safety hot water lock
    13.Recessed faucet
    14.LED night light

    PP cotton filter, also known as melt-blown PP filter, polymer fiber, pore size is 5 microns,
    Through mechanical means, Screening to remove physical pollutants greater than the diameter of the filter hole, to achieve effective cleaning effect. In addition, it can effectively remove the granular impurities in water larger than 5 microns, Such as suspended matter, silt, red worms, rust, colloid and other large volume substances, Thus reducing the turbidity of water, the theoretical net water is more than 5 tons. UDF filter element is a kind of pre-filter element, the material is high adsorption active coconut shell loose carbon, The iodine value of activated carbon is greater than 1000, pickling in the treatment process without peculiar smell, Select a special process welding, its function is used to adsorb organic matter in water treatment, Chemical pesticides, residual chlorine, different color peculiar smell, etc.

    UDF granular activated carbon also plays an important role with its unique and novel advantages.

    The full English name for REVERSE OSMOSIS is "REVERSE OSMOSIS", abbreviated to "RO".

    The principle is to rely on the machine to exert pressure on the source water, So that the water molecules in the source water through RO membrane. And the raw water in the subtle impurities, excessive inorganic salts, organic matter, Heavy metal ions, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, trichloromethane waste and other harmful substances are all intercepted, And through continuous discharge of concentrated water, These harmful foreign bodies and salt discharge, the final will get is very clean drinking water.

    The aperture of RO membrane is only 0.0001 micron, and its removal rate of inorganic salt ions with the smallest particle size in water is more than 90-96%, "And the removal rate of harmful substances such as bacteria and viruses is more than 99.99. (100%, in theory). "RO reverse osmosis membrane is used in seawater desalination, astronaut wastewater recovery and treatment. T33 post activated carbon filter element, in the selection of material, We use high iodine value of coconut shell activated carbon, activated carbon iodine value is greater than 1000. In the treatment process to choose the bulk mode, its biggest function is to increase oxygen content, So as to better taste, water more pure sweet and delicious purpose.


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